Motorcycle navigation for smartphones

A must-have for planning your two-wheel adventures, the NAVIGON Cruiser app will help plan round trips, identify all the gas stations along the way, and even find the best route with the most curves - maximizing your motorcycle experience! You can follow the app's development and contribute to its progress by providing commments.

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Cruiser is now available for iPhones and android smartphones.

Optimized user experience

Easy operation

The Cruiser app is particularly focused on meeting the unique usability and functionality requirements of a motorcyclists on the road. Cruiser's large buttons, contrasts, and various usage modes provide the optimum balance of form and functionality to maximize your motorcycling experience.

Personal route adaption

Ultimate riding pleasure

The key to an enjoyable motorcycle trip is finding the best roads with just the right curves, and Cruiser was developed with this purpose in mind. You can also quickly create a round trip plan and even adapt it to your personal preferences for curviness and detours.


Follow my position

You can send your current location via email, text message or WhatsApp to family and friends. Your course can be followed on any internet browser.

Cruiser Blog

Get an insight

What does the development of Cruiser actually involve? Who is NAVIGON and what Featuresare especially exciting? We'll answer all these questions, allowing you to stay up to date on the development work.
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How can I get it?

Cruiser is available at Google Play and the App Store. You will find information here on how to get our app and which payment models we offer.
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All features at a glance


Maximized user experience

Perfectly geared to your next big tour

Optimized for gloved operation, the user interface has extra-large buttons. You can assign functions to the central navigation button and six further quick links to suit your particular requirements. High-contrast coloration ensures easy operation even under poor lighting conditions.


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Gas stations and restaurants along your route

Just enough in your tank for 23 km? Gas station 16 km ahead!

You can rely on Cruiser to show you how far ahead the next gas stations are located on your route. This means you can be sure of not suddenly running out of gas with no possibility of a refill. You also get restaurants lying ahead displayed, and can slot them directly into your itinerary with a click.


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Weather along your route

We'll never leave you out in the rain

Erratic weather conditions can soon take the fun out of any tour – and that’s something we aim to spare you by giving you an advance insight how the weather is ahead. You also get warnings of worsening weather along your route.


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Quick-memory function

WOW, I like this place!

What motorcyclist hasn’t experienced suddenly riding a particularly great stretch of road or having an incredible view but not feeling like stopping specially to store the location for later? So you just continue the trip and never find the spot again. The WOW! button now solves this problem! Two quick clicks on the extra-big buttons store are all it takes to store your current position in the “Driving fun” or “Nice spot” category for subsequent use in your route planning.


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Personal route adjustment

More than just from A to B

Cruiser helps you ride the stretch from A to B that suits you best without the tedious task of having to input interim destinations. Simply set your preferred degree of curviness for the route. And if you are still going to arrive too quickly at route end, simply have a detour slotted into your itinerary.

Our Roundtrip feature also enables you to very quickly draw up a round trip, either around your own location or a particular place. To change the direction of the round trip, simply tap the map. Two additional controllers help you adjust the length and curviness of your route.


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Speed cam alerts

Receive hazard alerts in advance

Cruiser informs you in real time about hazards, stationary or mobile speed cameras along your way. This could be also important for vehicles which carry their number plate on the back ;).


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Always have the map you need with you

Navigate without internet access! With Cruiser you always have your maps with you and there’s no need to worry about dead spots, slow Internet connection or roaming costs abroad. In addition, you have the option to only download the maps you really need and thus free up memory on your phone.

  • Always have the maps you need with you
  • Save on roaming costs and data volume
  • Free up phone memory


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The latest maps

Your maps are always up-to-date

Every year, millions of kilometres of roads change: new roads are built, others are changed and more points of interest are integrated. Don’t worry, Cruiser keeps you on track!
You will receive map updates from experts on a regular basis and will stay up-to-date.

  • Up-to-date maps from experts
  • Includes the latest road changes and new POIs
  • All important changes: speed limits, roundabouts, one-way streets, etc.


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Lane Assistant

Know the right lane in advance

Lane changing made easy: The Active Lane Assistant lets you know in advance which lanes to take long before approaching confusing road junctions and exits.
The app does an intelligent analysis of your next turn-maneuver and assists you to get into the correct lane in time to avoid swerving in and out of lanes.


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Speed limit alerts & traffic signs

Keep an eye on traffic signs

The current speed limit incl. overspeeding alerts are displayed directly on the map.
Furthermore, Cruiser lets you know about overtaking permissions, railroad- or deer crossings – and you can even set up an alert for sharp turns.


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Precise voice commands

Announcements like your co-driver does

Always concentrate on the most important: The road traffic! Cruiser provides you with precise turn announcements, indicating the right direction, distance, road names and exit numbes.

Real Roadsigns

More orientation at confusing junctions

Photorealistic images of exits and complex crossings make it easy to follow the signs.
As a result, Cruiser will help you to manoevre through the road jungle stress-free and master confusing freeway junctions.
Furthermore, the app supports you by displaying street- and direction signboards that correspond with the actual signs in form and color.


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Let them know when you'll be there

As a result, Cruiser will help you to manoevre through the road jungle stress-free and master confusing freeway junctions.
Furthermore, the app supports you by displaying street- and direction signboards that correspond with the actual signs in form and color.


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